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Maarten Tromp (Amsterdam, 1980) graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague. In his photographic series and short films he involves the viewer in his encounters and interactions with others. In the era of self-presentation and mass media he reacts and reflects on the way images shape our existence. Currently he is working on his first feature-length film about surveillance.

His photographic essay made in the streets of Amsterdam East was published as the book 'The neighbour, his ex and the owner of the launderette' (2008) and his series about the Volkskrant building in Amsterdam was published as the book '-1 tot 7' (2012).

Arcadis, The Amsterdam Municipality, law firm ngnb advocaten and others have commissioned Maarten Tromp.

Maarten Tromp's photographs and films were exhibited at FOTODOK and Fotofestival Naarden, in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Filmhuis Den Haag, Museum Hilversum and with We Like Art! in the ING House and Nieuw Dakota.

In 2012, Maarten Tromp received a grant from the Foundation Sem Presser Archive and the Van Bijlevelt Foundation. In 2016 he received a grant for research and the creation of new work from art fund AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Ontwikkelbudget).


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Apocrief verhaal, Ilse van Rijn 2008
(Nederlands - origineel, pdf)

An Unspoken Tale, Ilse van Rijn 2008
(English - translation, pdf)


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