Welcome to my living lab


Living Labs are domains where the goverment, together with the industry and scientists, conduct experiments on citizens. Sometimes this happens in private homes, but usually it concerns a test area the size of a street, a district or a complete city.

In an area that has been designated as a Living Lab large amounts of data about people are collected. This often happens without informing them or asking their permission. Think about the collection of video and audio recordings, social media posts and wifi-tracking of your mobile phone. These data are linked to each other and analyzed. Subsequently there are interventions to try to influence people's behaviour.

​The Living Lab is a relatively new phenomenon related to the creation of smart cities, where data and smart technology increasingly influence the daily life. In the Netherlands several big projects are running, without being known. If you live in or visit one of the larger cities there is a big chance that you unwittingly are part of a Living Lab.


This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)