The Antropocene is a term now commonly used to describe the age in which we live: a time when the human species holds sway over Planet Earth and exerts a radical influence even on the climate. People today - especially city-dwellers - have lost touch with their natural environment, although the complex ecological systems of which man is part continue to operate.

Maarten Tromp has produced a series of portraits of primates in rescue centres in the Netherlands, Spain and Indonesia. Those in the Netherlands are animals intercepted in the hands of smugglers or previously used in laboratory testing, as domestic pets or as circus animals. Primates in rescue centres in the regions to which they are native, such as Indonesia, have lost their natural habitat due to forest clearance and trade.

In this series of portraits, Tromp has photographed them without revealing their rescue centre surroundings. What do the portraits say about the way we look at these animals? What point have we reached in our history and how do we, as human beings, relate to world we live in?

For the past seven years
I have been working as a volunteer in the Dutch rescue centre of AAP (Animal Advocacy and Protection), taking care of primates and doing animal transports.

Now for the first time, I have brought this work and my photography together.

exhibition Gimme Shelter
Somfy Photography Award 2020

Nederlands Fotomuseum
october 2 - december 6, 2020