In the photographic series Groups (2009), Maarten Tromp visualizes group dynamics in the streets. How do groups relate to their surroundings? The interactions and ways of moving within a group is what he recorded with these pictures - exploring the tension between the group and the individual. Searching for shelter.

The jury of the Dutch photography awards Bouw in Beeldprijs 2009 called his work ‘innovative’. About Tromp: ‘absolutely talented, bound to create cutting images once matured’. Maarten Tromp was awarded the Encouragement Prize for his series. Jury: Frits van Dongen, Rineke Dijkstra, Dana Lixenberg, Marcel van der Vlugt and Ludger Derenthal (Museum für Fotografie Berlin/ Helmut Newton Foundation).

Technique: black and white 6x7 film, analogue fibre prints

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